Advance Family Planning Advocacy Portfolio

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AFP Advocacy Portfolio
Advocate for Family Planning
Develop a Strategy
  • Part 1: Landscape Assessment: Understand Your Context

  • Part 2: AFP SMART: A Guide to Quick Wins

Implement a Plan
  • Part 1: Monitor for Impact—The Decision Tree

  • Part 2: Evidence-based Briefs—Make Your Case

Capture Results
  • Part 1: AFP Results Cascade: A User’s Guide

  • Part 2: Case Studies—Tell Your Story

AFP SMART Facilitator's Guide (NEW!)
Download the full advocacy portfolio, a toolkit to design, implement, and capture the results of a focused advocacy strategy.
Introduces Advance Family Planning (AFP) and the AFP Advocacy Portfolio.
Features a tool to understand your context and AFP SMART: A Guide to Quick Wins, our 9-step approach to developing a focused, collaborative advocacy strategy that leads to quick wins.
Provides tools to monitor for impact and make your case to decisionmakers.
Presents a systematic process to document and demonstrate the results of a family planning advocacy strategy.
The AFP SMART Facilitator's Guide provides in-depth guidance for how to successfully facilitate the AFP SMART process. It is meant to accompany AFP SMART: A Guide to Quick Wins.

How Does This Help?

How do you identify the right moment to advance a critical policy? Or build a coalition of supporters? What is the best way to craft compelling arguments for decisionmakers and deliver them at the most opportune time?

The execution of advocacy is frequently afflicted by false-starts or near-misses—either weighted down by too many competing interests or so generalized it is ineffectual. But it doesn’t have to be.

The Advance Family Planning (AFP) Advocacy Portfolio provides a compendium of our best practices and tools to refine a strategic vision, identify and motivate key players, take action, manage and overcome setbacks, and monitor and evaluate success. Whether you are a new or experienced advocate, the AFP Advocacy Portfolio can help you along the way to achieving your desired result: real, achievable, and sustainable change.

Used separately, the tools can supplement an existing effort or inject new life into an initiative that has lost its vision or momentum. Used together, they provide a comprehensive roadmap to develop, implement, and evaluate a focused advocacy strategy from start to finish.

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