July 18-22, 2016
Nairobi, Kenya

The 2016 annual AFP Partners' Meeting was at the Boma Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. AFP partners, donors, and leadership group members met to share updates and progress from the past year as well as form strategies and objectives to overcome challenges. Download and view the agenda, presentations, and resources below.

Photo by AFP-Amunga Eshuchi.

Priority Issues in Increasing Access to and Use of Family Planning: Quality of Care by Karen Hardee, Population Council4.66 MB
Adolescents: Strengthening Evidence to Address their SRHR Nees by Michelle Hindin, WHO397.04 KB
What is the difference between training and facilitation? by Arzum Ciloglu768.73 KB
Bulding a Postpartum Family Planning Movement by Anne Pfitzer, Jhpiego4.1 MB
Validating AFP's Theory of Change by Michelle Hindin, WHO345.43 KB
Effective Facilitation Skills: Going from Good to Great by Arzum Ciloglu6.77 MB
AFP at 7: Looking Back, Looking Forward by Duff Gillespie, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health 2.79 MB
What is Advocacy by Beth Fredrick and Heri Haerudin128.95 KB
AFP SMART: Facilitator's Guide7.96 MB
Réunion des partenaires d’Advance Family Planning_FR Agenda193.09 KB
Advance Family Planning Partners Meeting_EN Agenda185.96 KB
India Gallery Walk Presentation1.15 MB
Indonesia Gallery Walk Presenation989.84 KB
Nigeria Gallery Walk Presentation1.63 MB
Kenya Gallery Walk Presentation1.44 MB
Latin America Gallery Walk Presentation2.3 MB
Bangladesh Gallery Walk Presentation2.04 MB
Togo Gallery Walk Presentation3.42 MB
Burkina Faso Gallery Walk Presentation2.61 MB
Senegal Gallery Walk Presentation1.52 MB
Tanzania Gallery Walk Presentation1.32 MB
Uganda Gallery Walk Presentation1.32 MB
DRC Gallery Walk Presentation1.33 MB
Zambia Gallery Walk Presentation1.12 MB
Quelle est la différence entre la formation et la facilitation? by Arzum Ciloglu774.7 KB
Construire un mouvement de PFPP by Anne Pfitzer, Jhpiego4.14 MB
Valider la théorie du changement d’AFP by Michelle Hindin346.83 KB
Questions prioritaires pour augmenter l’accès et l’utilisation de la PF: QUALITÉ DES SOINS by Karen Hardee4.7 MB
Pour une facilitation efficace: De bien à excellent by Arzum Ciloglu6.78 MB
AFP SMART intro: Approche de plaidoyer AFP by Beth Frederick and Heri Haerudin682.75 KB
AFP SMART: Guide de l'animateur7.96 MB
Togo Gallery Walk Présentation_FR3.43 MB
Burkina Faso Gallery Walk Présentation_FR2.59 MB
Inde Gallery Walk Présentation_FR1.18 MB
Indonésie Gallery Walk Présentation_FR1 MB
Nigeria Gallery Walk Présentation_FR1.64 MB
Kenya Gallery Walk Présentation_FR1.47 MB
Amérique Latine Gallery Walk Présentation_FR2.34 MB
Bangladesh Gallery Walk Présentation_FR2.06 MB
Tanzanie Gallery Walk Présentation_FR1.4 MB
Uganda Gallery Walk Présentation_FR1.36 MB
RDC Gallery Walk Présentation_FR1.35 MB
Zambia Gallery Walk Présentation_FR1.15 MB
Sénégal Gallery Walk Présentation_FR1.52 MB
Introduction to Breaking and Quick Win News1.55 MB

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