Advance Family Planning Partners Meeting 2017

March 27-31, 2017
Baltimore, USA

Advance Family Planning (AFP) convened its annual Partners Meeting in Baltimore from 27—31 March 2017. The aim of the 2017 meeting was greater synergy among AFP partners and collaborators in working to fulfill the Family Planning 2020 (FP2020) vision through increased political and financial support for family planning. AFP welcomed collaborators from more than 15 countries. Together, they work to achieve the following objectives:

  • Shared AFP progress since 2016 and priorities for expansion in 2017, including greater ownership of the family planning agenda and sustainability of effective advocacy at all levels of decision-making
  • Improved expertise in analyzing and using data to track progress and capture advocacy’s contribution to impact
  • Enhanced vision for disseminating SMART advocacy within and beyond AFP’s partners, collaborators, and government allies

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Photo courtesy of AFP, Homewood Photography

ENG_Advocacy AHA moment_Halima Shariff CCP TZ.pdf147.78 KB
FR_Halima AHA moment- Final.pdf147.43 KB
ENG_AFP Partners Meeting_Jen Daves BMGF.pdf1.15 MB
FR_AFP March 2017 Jen.pdf1.16 MB
ENG_Whats New in Contraception_Anne Burke JHSPH.pdf8.86 MB
FR_NewContraception_Burke.pdf8.93 MB
ENG_Social Accountability skills-building_LAC .pdf13.79 MB
FR_Social Accountability .pdf13.81 MB
ENG_AFP_Results Framework_Linh Nguyen AFP.pdf2.13 MB
FR_AFP_Results Framework_Linh Nguyen.pdf2.16 MB
ENG_Results Cascade Refresher.pdf4.24 MB
FR_Results Cascade Refresher.pdf4.35 MB
ENG_InnovativeComms_Background slide.pdf243.85 KB
FR_InnovativeComms_background slide.pdf244.24 KB
ENG_Intro to DataLiteracy_Linh Nguyen AFP.pdf1.97 MB
FR_Intro to DataLiteracy_Linh Nguyen AFP.pdf1.98 MB
ENG_OneWishExercise.pdf154.31 KB
FR_OneWishExercise.pdf155.08 KB
ENG_The Advocacy Collaborative_Elizabeth Murphy Jhpiego.pdf1.1 MB
FR_The Advocacy Collaborative_Elizabeth Murphy Jhpiego.pdf1.1 MB
ENG_Advocacy-Now More Than Ever_Duff Gillespie AFP.pdf2.47 MB
FR_Duff_TuesPlenary_PartnersMeeting copy.pdf2.34 MB
ENG_USAID FP:RH Programming_Ellen Starbird USAID.pdf1.9 MB
FR_USAID FP:RH Programming_Ellen Starbird USAID.pdf1.9 MB
ENG_FR_dvocacy AHA moment_Arsene Binanga Tulane DRC.pdf73 MB
ENG_FR_Fishbowl slides.pdf35.81 KB
ENG_FR_Looking Ahead to 2020.pdf41.06 MB
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ENG_DRC_Gallery Walk_March 2017.pdf4.05 MB
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ENG_India Gallery Walk 2017.pdf8.75 MB
FR_India Gallery Walk 2017.pdf8.75 MB
ENG_Indonesia Gallery Walk 2017.pdf444.78 KB
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FR_Kenya Gallery Walk 2017.pdf1.82 MB
ENG_LAC Gallery Walk_March 2017.pdf12.76 MB
FR_LAC Gallery Walk 2017.pdf12.76 MB
ENG_Nigeria Gallery Walk 2017.pdf3.22 MB
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ENG_OppFund Ghana Zambia Gallery Walk 2017.pdf1.7 MB
FR_OppFund Ghana Zambia Gallery Walk 2017.pdf1.7 MB
ENG_Senegal_RSJ_Gallery Walk 2017.pdf8.24 MB
FR_Senegal_RSJ_Gallery Walk 2017.pdf8.21 MB
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