Increasing Access to Next Generation Injectables Meeting

January 30 - February 2, 2017
Dakar, Senegal

The Increasing Access to Next Generation Injectables Meeting was a working meeting aimed to increase voluntary and quality access to DMPA-SC within a wide range of contraceptive methods and inform related policy decisions with existing evidence and experience. The meeting agenda (forthcoming) had three key objectives:

  1. Increased knowledge among implementers/researchers, donors, and advocates regarding the experiences of early adopter countries and potential for introducing and providing DMPA-SC in more settings. These include private and public sector services, social marketing, community-based distribution programs, pharmacy/drug shop provision and, as appropriate, home/self-injection of DMPA-SC.
  2. Prioritization of opportunities for advocacy that can accelerate introduction of and increased access to DMPA-SC and support advocacy related to accelerating contraceptive method mix.
  3. Identification of next steps to advance policy challenges related to the introduction of and increased access to DMPA-SC and a wide range of contraceptive methods.

Follow-up activities from the meeting will be taken on through the Opportunity Fund -- a small grants program managed by PAI with funding from AFP that helps advocates seize opportunities to accelerate Family Planning 2020’s success at district, state, national, and regional levels.

Download and view the resources and presentations form the meeting below. For inquiries, please contact Kate Barrett at

Photo courtesy of AFP.

DMPA-SC Advocacy Pack (Draft January 2017)9.38 MB
Dossier de Plaidoyer du DMPA-SC (Avant-projet Janvier 2017)8.71 MB
Seize the Moment – Saisir le bon moment (PATH)13.49 MB
Experience with DMPA-SC: Social Marketing in Bangladesh (SMC)4.43 MB
Experience with DMPA-SC: L’Implication des étudiants en médecine et en sciences infirmières dans l’offre de DMPA (Tulane)489.71 KB
Expérience avec le DMPA SC : L’exemple du centre de santé de Pikine (Senegal)1.13 MB
Expérience avec le DMPA-SC: L’exemple du niveau communautaire (Senegal)1.59 MB
Experience with DMPA-SC: Nigeria’s Social marketing of Sayana Press (DKT) 7.19 MB
Experience with DMPA-SC: Uganda Delivery Points—Part Two (PATH)2.01 MB
Experience with DMPA-SC: Malawi Delivery Points – Part Two (U of Malawi)538.45 KB
DMPA-SC in Pharmacies and Drug Shops (FHI 360)1.97 MB
Task-shifting for DMPA-SC: Lessons for advocates from training, policy guidance, and service delivery (IntraHealth)3.26 MB
From Introduction to Integration: The importance of strong supply chain for successful integration of DMPA (RHSC)1.82 MB
From Introduction to Integration:A Total Market Approach is essential to the smart introd of DMPA-SC in your country (Palladium)990.72 KB
From Introduction to Integration: Estimating future consumption and planning for adequate supplies (JSI)2.83 MB
De l’Intro à l’Intégration: Assurer la disponibilité du produit: Recommandations de l’pilote du DMPA SC au Burkina Faso (UNFPA)10.03 MB
From Introduction to Integration: Mobilizing women/clients (PATH)462.67 KB
This is UNFPA2.3 MB
Prioritizing Investments in Adolescent Sexual Health (CIFF)670.92 KB
Problemes persistants pour un meilleur acces, qu’est ce qui definira un success (PATH)3.08 MB
Fishbowl Plenary: Lingering Issues for Access, What will define Success?723.57 KB
Purpose and Process of WHO guideline development (WHO)1.67 MB
Strategic Communication Framework for Hormonal Contraceptive Methods and Potential HIV-Related Risks (HCCC)3.46 MB
An updated systematic review of epidemiological evidence on hormonal contraceptive methods and HIV acquisition in women631.35 KB

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