AFP and Planned Parenthood Global Launch New Advocacy Case Study with Réseau Siggil Jigéen

Advance Family Planning’s (AFP) new case study from Senegal illustrates the profound effect that SMART sub-national advocacy can have on achieving larger family planning goals.

This case study showcases how, in collaboration with Planned Parenthood Global’s Voices for Health Project, AFP’s partner Réseau Siggil Jigéen worked with 64 mayors across 9 regions in Senegal to secure first-time contributions for family planning totaling more than $125,000. The study highlights the importance of acting swiftly and strategically on changes in national law, such as Senegal’s decentralization reform act, which for the first time provided Senegalese mayors authority to allocate for family planning. It also details next steps and lessons learned to help other advocates apply the strategy to their own advocacy efforts.

Door Opens to Increase Access to Contraception: First-Time Contributions from 64 Mayors Total $125,000 demonstrates how advocates can leverage local, national, and international support for advocacy objectives, and use dedicated resources to act immediately and effectively to seize advocacy opportunities. View and download the case study to learn how the AFP SMART approach helps local leaders secure funding for family planning.

View and download the case study in English and French.

Photo courtesy of AFP