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Our advocacy depends on country ownership. We are a team of multiple partner organizations who advocate at every level, from capitals to communities.

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Where We Have Worked
Focus Countries
Former Countries
Ouagadougou Partnership Countries
Opportunity Fund Grants
Country Focus Countries Former Countries Ouagadougou Partnership Opportunity Fund Grants
Bangladesh Yes No No No
Benin No No Yes Yes
Burkina Faso No Yes Yes Yes
Colombia No Yes No No
Cote d’Ivoire No No Yes Yes
Democratic Republic of the Congo Yes No No Yes
Dominican Republic No Yes No No
Ethiopia No No No Yes
Ghana No No No Yes
Guinea No No Yes Yes
India No Yes No Yes
Indonesia No Yes No No
Kenya Yes No No Yes
Madagascar No No No Yes
Mali No No Yes Yes
Mauritania No No Yes Yes
Mexico No Yes No No
Nepal No No No Yes
Niger No No Yes Yes
Nigeria Yes No No Yes
Philippines No No No Yes
Senegal No Yes Yes Yes
Sierra Leone No No No Yes
South Sudan No No No Yes
Tanzania Yes No No Yes
Togo No No Yes Yes
Uganda Yes No No Yes
Zambia No No No Yes
Zimbabwe No No No Yes