AFP Launches New Case Study on Following Through to Free Family Planning Services in Nigeria

Advance Family Planning’s (AFP) new case study from Nigeria showcases the persistent advocacy that led to women in a suburb of Lagos State receiving contraceptive services completely free for the first time.  

AFP partner Pathfinder International Nigeria supported the Lagos State advocacy working group with the aim of fulfilling Nigeria’s Family Planning 2020 commitment: to provide free family planning services to all. The case study explores that, despite Lagos State’s investment in family planning, hidden, out-of-pocket costs prevented achieving the goal.

Learn from the advocates’ continuous engagement over eleven months that led decision-makers in Yaba suburb to implement an innovative solution.  The case study highlights the importance of advocates’ follow-through—and how the SMART approach enabled them to carry a commitment toward implementation.

View and download Lagos State Leads Nigeria in Making Family Planning Services Free. The successful approach, lessons learned, and inspiring impact captured in the case study has already been a catalyst for other localities in Lagos.

Pathfinder International Nigeria