Equilibres Et Populations

Together with the Technical Group on Reproductive Health (GT/SR) and other stakeholders, AFP and Equilibres et Populations have selected the following advocacy priorities  this year:

  1. Obtain a dispensation from the Ministry of Health to authorize certified nurses, auxiliary midwives and certified midwives to dispense long acting methods (implants and IUDs)
  2. Obtain authorization of community health workers (community health workers and relais) to make the initial prescription of pills
  3. Ensure that urban communes (Ouagadougou and Bobo Dioulasso) and their arrondissements integrate funding for family planning into their regional/communal development plans.
Key Contacts
Brigitte Syan
Brigitte Syan
Chargée De Plaidoyer Et Responsable De L'initiative Afp, Equilibres Et Populations
Rémi Minoungou
Rémi Minoungou
Responsable De Plaidoyer Et Chargé Des Relations Institutionnelles En Afrique De L'ouest