November 12, 2013
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
High-level Ministerial Meeting

On November 12, 2013, 356 participants from 47 countries gathered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at the High-Level Ministerial Meeting (HLMM) of the International Conference on Family Planning. These included 26 leaders from African ministries of health, youth, economic planning and development, and finance, 75 additional ministerial representatives and 15 members of parliament.

The theme of the HLMM was "The Youth Dividend: Return on Investment in Family Planning." Its objective was to increase African leaders’ understanding of the benefits of investing in family planning to realize a demographic dividend—the economic growth that may result from a rapid decline in fertility and subsequent changes in a country’s population age structure. Download the full report for the key themes and policy actions that resulted from the meeting.

2013 International Conference on Family Planning