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On July 18 - 21, 2022, more than 70 family planning advocates from around the world met for the final Advance Family Planning (AFP) partners meeting. After thirteen years of the AFP initiative, members convened to reflect on past accomplishments and challenges, and the future of family planning advocacy. The AFP partnership has achieved over 3,000 advocacy wins and has mobilized $169.7 million dollars to improve access to quality, voluntary family planning.

Nassor Mazrui, Minister of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children in Zanzibar, welcomed attendees to Zanzibar and thanked the advocates assembled for their hard work and accomplishments. AFP’s executive director, Beth Fredrick reflected on the continued need for and potential of locally driven advocacy to address current global challenges. Donors discussed shifts to local leadership within the changing aid infrastructure and current priorities. Ten partner teams (Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of Congo, Francophone West Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, the Opportunity Fund, Pakistan, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia) were the central focus of the meeting sharing their technical knowledge and advocacy achievements using a variety of modalities including, videos, presentations, and skits. Advocates also heard from former AFP country partners on the realities of maintaining advocacy and sustaining accomplishments after the direct advocacy funding ends. The meeting concluded with a celebration of the collective efforts of AFP advocates and the enduring outcomes of a long and successful advocacy collaboration.

Meeting Objectives

  1. Strategize ways to springboard partners and advocacy post-AFP
  2. Celebrate AFP’s decade+ of advocacy
  3. Exchange technical accomplishments and key learnings

Meeting Agenda  (en français)

Bangladesh (en français)
Democratic Republic of Congo (Video 1) (1 Video 2)
Francophone West Africa   (en français)
Kenya (en français)
Nigeria (en français
Opportunity Fund (en français)
Pakistan (en français)
Zambia (en français)

Reflections and Projections: 50 Years in International Population and Health (en français)