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Opportunity Fund infographicWhat is the Opportunity Fund?

The Opportunity Fund supports emerging, high-impact family planning advocacy opportunities. It is a flexible source of financial and technical assistance for focused advocacy at national, state, and district levels. The Fund is part of the Advance Family Planning (AFP) project, whose aim is to increase access to family planning through advocacy, working with partners in ten focal countries.

Who is eligible to apply?
Eligible applicants must be registered/incorporated as a non-governmental or non-profit organization. Eligible NGOs will demonstrate past family planning advocacy successes and active membership in local, national, and/or regional networks. Other requirements are outlined in the application form checklist (see link below).

How can organizations apply?
Applications for support are considered on a rolling basis; the Fund will not issue calls for proposals. NGOs—particularly those in non-AFP focal countries—are encouraged to contact the Fund ( at any time about advocacy opportunities that clearly align with FP2020 and Ouagadougou Partnership commitments. You can download and submit the application form in English and French.


What are the award criteria?
Award decisions are based on the specificity and timeliness of the advocacy objective at hand. Applicants should clearly articulate the advocacy opportunity, timeframe, expected results and their strategy for collaboration with key allies. Most advocacy objectives should be achievable in six to 12 months.

How much funding can organizations expect to receive?
The Fund covers the direct costs of advocacy—staff time, meetings, materials development, communications, site visits and local travel. Awards do not exceed $50,000.

What kind of technical assistance will award recipients receive?
Opportunity Fund recipients are supported in the use of AFP SMART advocacy tools to develop their advocacy strategies and monitor results. Fund recipients will be expected to participate in regular, informal check-in calls, document their advocacy progress, and assist in mapping family planning champions and allies at country level.

What kinds of advocacy objectives have been supported by the Fund to date?
Advocacy objectives of award recipients are as diverse as the environments they work in. However, some broad thematic areas include:
    •    Adolescent and youth access to contraceptive information and services
    •    Family planning task sharing
    •    National and subnational reproductive health supplies budget advocacy
    •    Subnational policy development and implementation

To learn more about specific advocacy objectives and quick wins, download the Opportunity Fund infographic (ENG)/(FR).

What has been the impact of the Opportunity Fund?
The Opportunity Fund has become critical to AFP’s ability to expand into new geographies, deepen efforts in focus countries, take risks on new objectives, leverage additional funding for advocacy, and improve the capacity of local advocates to lead successful family planning advocacy efforts in their communities.

The experience of the Opportunity Fund demonstrates the collective power of small grants to catalyze significant policy changes when channeled to local advocates focused on a specific policy change and paired with advocacy capacity building.

Download the Opportunity Fund case study.

How many awards have been given to date?
To date, the Opportunity Fund has awarded 74 awards totaling US $3.2 million to civil society organizations in 20 countries.

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