Wed, 06/21/2017 - 13:20

As of January 2022, the Opportunity Fund is no longer accepting new applications.

What was the Opportunity Fund?

The Opportunity Fund supported civil society organizations in low- and middle-income countries with small, short-term grants to seize emerging, high-impact reproductive health and family planning advocacy opportunities at national, state, and district levels. Managed by PAI, the Opportunity Fund has been a flexible and responsive part of the Advance Family Planning (AFP) initiative.

Between 2013 and 2022, the Opportunity Fund provided more than US $5 million dollars in advocacy support to civil society organizations, resulting in 200 policy and funding wins for family planning in 19 countries. Opportunity Fund supported advocates have been able to mobilize US $38.5 million dollars for family planning and ensure that US $6.3 million dollars was released and spent.

The Opportunity Fund has been critical to AFP’s ability to expand into new geographies, deepen efforts in focus countries, take risks on new objectives, leverage additional funding for advocacy, and improve the capacity of local advocates. The experience of the Opportunity Fund demonstrates the collective power of small grants to catalyze significant policy changes when paired with strategic advocacy capacity building.

Where can I find other advocacy funding opportunities?

We recommend checking out these other potential funding sources for family planning and sexual and reproductive health advocacy:


To learn more about how opportunistic advocacy has advanced family planning, download the Opportunity Fund case study (ENG)/(FR).

To learn more about prior advocacy objectives and wins, download the Opportunity Fund infographic (ENG)/(FR).