Democratic Republic of the Congo

As Africa’s fourth most populous country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) government committed to support family planning at the 2013 and 2016 International Conferences on Family Planning.

The government pledged to revitalize services by implementing and financially supporting the DRC’s national strategic plan for family planning, reforming laws that pose barriers to planned births, and empowering women.

AFP’s in-country partner is Tulane International.

Tulane International is working with the government to support budgetary allocations to family planning according to the National Strategic Plan and Family Planning 2020 commitments. Tulane will also continue to concentrate on better policies for family planning at the national level, and establishment of several Multisectorial Permanent Technical Committees for family planning at the provincial level.

View the DRC’s Family Planning 2020 commitment.

Key Contacts

Director Of Family Planning Programs, Tulane International
Professor, Department Chair, Institute Of Public Health And Tropical Medicine, Tulane University
Technical Assistant, Tulane International