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Mostafa Nuruzzaman is the founder and chief executive of Shushilan, one of the largest national level NGOs in Bangladesh. Mr. Zaman was born and grow up in the remote area of coastal district of Bangladesh. He completed his both graduation and post-graduation in political science as well as LLB from the University of Dhaka. 

Shushilan, established in 1991, became the people’s organization particularly in the coastal areas, through his charismatic and dynamic leadership. In addition, he is considered a prominent development thinker in Bangladesh. Shushilan is also leading a local NGO platform of around 50 NGOs  advocating to ensure access to pure drinking water for the coastal community people. Shushilan is currently working in all 64 districts of Bangladesh with 1,483 staff. Shushilan has received both technical and financial support from 116 different donors in its existence. Since the journey began, Shushilan has successfully implemented 287 projects. Shushilan manages an annual budget of around 16.1 million (fiscal year 2020-2021). Shushilan is now able to reach at around 2 million people because of his innovation, motivation, and dedication to the community people.  

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