Within Tanzania’s vast country, more than 70% of the 50.8 million total population lives in rural areas.[1] With high infant and maternal mortality and inadequate human resources for health, the Government is striving to strengthen quality and access to family planning.

AFP’s in-country partners are Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs Tanzania, Health Promotion Tanzania, and Tanzania Communication and Development Center.

Together they engage in policy, budget, and media advocacy for sustained family planning funding and access to quality reproductive healthcare in the most challenged areas of the country and with a focus on youth access.

View Tanzania’s Family Planning 2020 commitment.

[1] Tanzania Population and Housing Census 2012

Key Contacts

Advance Family Planning Tanzania
Program Manager - Advocacy
Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs Tanzania
Tanzania Communication and Development Centre
Tanzania Men as Equal Partners in Development
Tanzania Youth and Adolescent Reproductive Health (TAYARH) Coalition