January 21-25, 2016
Nusa Dua, Indonesia

Advance Family Planning (AFP) took the 2016 International Conference on Family Planning’s theme of “Global Commitments, Local Actions” to heart by conducting a workshop for action-oriented advocacy entitled "Fostering Locally-Driven Advocacy for Family Planning." In the four days leading up to the conference, 22 family planning advocates from 14 countries learned about and applied AFP’s evidence-based, decision maker-centric advocacy approach to strengthen their local family planning efforts.

March 16-20, 2015
Baltimore, USA

The fourth annual AFP Partners' Meeting was held at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in mid-March. AFP partners, donors, and leadership group members met to share updates and progress from the past year as well as form strategies and objectives to overcome challenges. In 2015 an Evaluation team met and interviewed AFP stakeholders as well. See the presentations from the Partners Meeting here.

December 3-5, 2014
Kinshasa, DRC

On December 3-5, 2014, the DRC held its 3rd National Conference to Reposition Family Planning in Kinshasa. The long-term objective of the conference was to make  family planning  a  strategic  intervention  to  enable  the  DRC’s emergence by 2030. In the short-‐term, the conference aimed to: